Wake Forest Language Requirement

All undergraduate students are required to pass a 200-level language course as part of the core basic requirements. Any student who has studied a foreign language in high school must complete a foreign language placement test in the language(s) studied. Placement is determined by the Foreign Language Placement Test.

More information about the Foreign Language Placement Exam can be found here.

Italian Courses that Fulfill the Language Requirement

To fulfill the WFU Language Requirement, the following Italian courses are accepted:

  • ITA 212. Exploring the Italian World. (3h) Continued language study through exploration of significant cultural expression from the multifaceted Italian world. Credit not given for both ITA 212 and 213. P – ITA 153 or equivalent.
  • ITA 213. Introduction to Italian Literature. (3h) Reading of selected texts in Italian. Satisfies basic requirement in foreign language. Students cannot receive credit for both ITA 212 and 213. P-ITA 153 or equivalent.

Preparatory Courses for the 200-Level Language Requirement Courses

Typical Sequences

Course Descriptions

  • ITA 111-112. Elementary Italian. (3h, 3h) Two semester sequence Beginners course covering grammar essentials and emphasizing speaking, writing, and the reading of elementary texts. Lab required.
  • ITA 113. Intensive Elementary Italian. (4h) Intensive course for beginners, emphasizing the structure of the language and oral practice. Credit not given for both ITA 113 and ITA 111 or 112. Lab required.
  • ITA 153. Intermediate Italian. (3h) Continuation of ITA 113, with emphasis on speaking, developing students’ reading, writing skills and preparing them for oral and written discussion of literary texts in ITA 212 or 213. Lab required. P-ITA 112 or 113.