Our Mission

Senza paura ogn’uom franco camini, e lavorando semini ciascuno.

May each and everyone who is honest, walk without fear and each and everyone work to sow a seed.


Our mission in teaching the language, literature, cinema and culture of Italy, from Medieval to contemporary times, is to plant a seed that may allow students to become citizens who may walk without fear and sow their own seeds outside the university. The Italian Studies Program curriculum seeks to develop students’ critical thinking through exposure to the cultural diversity. Our courses cover subjects such as Italian for beginners, Italian film studies, Medieval Italian studies, and Renaissance Literature.

The Italian Studies faculty is committed to an open curriculum with clear outcomes for each of our classes. We strive to enable students to speak and write in Italian in an informal environment that highlights the culture of Italy, while the co-curricular activities outside of the class are to create a bridge to Italy and foster interdisciplinary exchange.